$25 per player

Regular Hours Bookings:
Sat & Sun, 10am to 5pm

A $50 Booking Fee is required right after your game selection, delays greater than 15 minutes risk your selection being removed.

Please allow time to process – Check your email (including junk/filtered mail) for confirmation and further directions from Wild Life Academy.

Last Minute Spots within 24 hours will not appear in online booking.  For same day bookings, message us directly – although the nature of our services make last minute booking challenging (especially in winter), we will try our best.  We are open by appointment only.  Unless we have confirmed, we will not be available.

Off-Hours or Portable:

  Message us directly with OFF-HOURS BOOKING requests for groups of 6 or more players!  We’ll try our best to make it, or a close alternative, work.

off hours portable