This FAQ is for our On Location Rooms & Games

Can we just show up?

No, we are open by appointment only.  We are part of Wild Life Academy and offer a diverse selection of programs, on-site & portable.  We require pre-booking to ensure the availability of programs and facilitators.

Are we really ‘trapped’?

Not really.  Anyone can leave (take a break), and re-enter within your booked time if you wish.

I am really uncomfortable with tight spaces, is it small?

The rooms are small but quite comfortable.  Our experience is that people are so focused on the task that the size of the space doesn’t affect them.

Is it scary?

Not unless clearly indicated in the game description.  There are no scary or mature themes (unless otherwise indicated), it’s family friendly.  It can get very exciting though.

What if we need help?

Our staff monitor your team’s progress and are available throughout to provide hints, or if assistance is required.

What age is recommended for the escape challenge?

It’s up to you, but we suggest 12 years and older (unless otherwise indicated).  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Can we bring babies or toddlers?

We suggest not, the spaces are not set up for little ones and you may just find it distracting.

Can we change our number of participants after booking?

You can, as long as it suits the challenge’s minimum/maximum.  Cash only on site.

We have an extra player than the maximum allows, can they come?

Sure.  Our maximum is a recommendation based mainly on the size of the space, but if you want to squeeze in an extra, it’s okay with us.

Will other people be with us?

No.  Your team will have your challenge all to yourselves (unless otherwise indicated).

What if we need to reschedule?

Regular room booking times can be rescheduled with minimum 24 hours notice prior to the original booking.  Please contact us by email asap to make arrangements.

It says you’re closed when we can come, what can we do?

Contact us by email directly.  We will always try our best to accommodate your request.

When should we arrive?

We suggest a minimum of 5 minutes early to set up your group.  Late arrivals may result in loss of time for your challenge.  Too early of arrival may find us occupied with another group.

What should we NOT bring into our scenario?

Please don’t bring electronic devices, writing utensils, lighters, or flashlights into your scenario.  We ask that you not use anything from the outside world, it may take away from the experience.

What can we expect when we arrive?

ECN is located at Wild Life Academy, an outdoor area that we also use for other activities, as well as a private residence.  You will be greeted in the parking lot and guided to your scenario.  There is an outhouse if needed.

Are there things near by we can do while we’re in the area?

Absolutely.  There are restaurants only five minutes away, ice cream, quaint shops, bowling, skiing/snowboarding, golf, canoe/kayak/paddleboard rentals, local geocaches, OFSC snowmobile trail, and we’re right on the way to cottage country.

Can we host a team building, birthday, or other event there?

Besides the escape trailer, everything is outdoors.  We can provide a shelter for warmer weather events (or winter for weather ready guests) and can provide a number of additional activities.  Visit our WLA ‘Birthdays & Events‘ page for more info and packages.

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