Portable Escape Booth


escape this box tent pillory w people

Our ‘speed-round’ portable experience!

Teams can pop in and out quickly, making this the ideal option for conventions, celebrations, and festivals.

Set-up indoors or outdoors.  Teams will put their heads together for a quick attempt at escaping before the clock runs out.  With options for 5, 10, or 15+ minute rounds, multiple booths and games, and kids challenges – we’ve got the game for your event!

Booth Game Options:

Escape this Box (trapped in a shipping crate, 2 to 6 players/round)

Escape Room Tent (mini room game, 2 to 6 players/round)

Escape the Pillory (trapped by-the-hand, 2 to 6 players/round)

Ask us about specially designed games to fit your event theme.

escape this box multi w pillory