Teams Portable Escape


teams game

Our ‘most-players-at-once’ portable experience!

(also, our most economical portable option)

HOW IT WORKS:  We fill your room (office, warehouse, meeting space, wherever) with the game props, clues, puzzles, and locks.  Teams enter and the intense music and countdown begins as they race to solve the leads, crack the code, and escape the game before the clock runs out.  Our facilitator manages the game and is available to provide optional hints throughout.  Our multiple-team portable games suit all sorts of events and can accommodate several teams all playing at the same time, each seeking their own final solution to escape. 

Team Game Options:

  • Themed Group Games (60 minutes, 6 to 60 players per round)
  • Walk-In Games (virtually unlimited players, staggered starts)
  • Kids & Families Games (45 minutes, 6 to 60 players per round)
  • Mystery Quest – School/Event Games (adaptable times & players)
standard game props