Mystery Mail FAQ

red envelope

What is it?

It’s a perplexing, confounding, bewildering interactive game for family & friends – delivered through the mail, email, and via other mysterious platforms.

Who is it for?

Adults, kids, friends, family, coworkers, yourself, whoever…  Anyone you think would enjoy a little mystery…  Better odds are on players who are familiar with ‘escape games’ – are able to read, do basic math, use technology and the internet with some proficiency, and are generally aware of fairly commonly known stuff and/or are able to resource information. 

What age is it for?

Well, it’s for any puzzle loving age (recommended age, at least 8 and up).   Kids will very likely need some help.  You may need the whole family in on it.  Adults will want it for themselves, it’s certainly more than challenging enough.

Is it difficult?

Yes!  It’s intended to be challenging.  Kids may need some help… adults too!  

What happens after it’s ordered?

The mail arrives and everything starts from there…  The game expands into an interactive world of intrigue, code cracking, puzzle solving, message deciphering, secret finding, FUN!

What happens if it’s solved?

Game solvers receive a final secret message from us, as well as your free personalized secret message (if you choose to include one).

Can I include a secret message?

Absolutely!  Say something special, send a greeting, share some exciting news – the message, and who sent it, will be revealed when the game is completed!  (we will not include inappropriate or questionable messages, at our discretion)

Will it wreck the game if I tell them I sent it?

Not at all!  We’ll even provide a printable notification if you’d like to give them a heads up.  We won’t tell them who sent it until the game is complete – mystery is fun.

What if help is needed?

The game will guide players along, without just giving it away.  With progress, more information will come to light.  Hints become available as the game is played.  We also encourage players to get their family involved – because that’s just nice for families.

Is it scary or does it have mature themes?

No, there is nothing intended to be frightening, gory, violent, or even rude.  It’s family friendly fun!

Will the internet be needed to solve it?

Yes, there are parts that need to be accessed online, along with some email correspondence.  Some common (free) apps may be needed.  Access to a laptop/desktop and tablet/smart phone will be required.  We recommend children use online services with adult supervision.

Will traveling anywhere special be required to solve it?

No, it should typically be solvable from home.  We intend the game to be solved with the materials provided, common household items, free apps & online resources, and online interaction.

Is it guaranteed to be solved?

No!  We’ll give plenty of clues, even some hints, but finding the solution is up to the player.

Can it be delivered on a certain date?

A delayed mailing date can be requested when ordered (i.e. closer to a birthday), but we can’t guarantee the exact arrival date.

Is there a time limit?

Not exactly, there is plenty of time allowed for players to play at their convenience.  But if they haven’t solved it in a couple years… we may just give up on them.

How quickly does it arrive?

Games typically mail out the week following your order, unless you indicate a delayed start.

Can I find out more specific details about it?

Well, what’s the fun in that?  It’s a mystery game…

Are there more games coming?

Keep checking back, like us on facebook, and/or solve ‘the criterion’ to see where it leads…

Who makes it?

The game developer at Escape Challenge North!  Wondering what people are saying about the quality and experience of Escape Challenge North’s other games?  Check it out here!